How to MAKE 100€ a day beginning with ONLY 1€
Dear Readers, My name is Andrew Lloyd and I am an online financial advisor of JC Investing Ltd. My work involves providing advice to people like YOU in order to make profits on Internet. This time, the method I am bringing will NOT make you rich or else. It is simple a method that will let you  make at least 3.000€ a month WITHOUT prior experience needed.
Please give YOURSELF the chance to read this article which will take you only 10 minutes and believe me that you will be astonished. Nowadays, there are thousands of websites that promise to make you rich by just pressing a button or with miracle software, but forget it, that is not possible. When you finish reading this article, you will have the chance to start with only 1€ and turn it into 25€ in just 15 minutes. Please believe me when I tell you that ANY person can do this, I even assure you that it will be EASY, FUN, and ADDICTIVE!
Pay attention to the following 72-second video SUMMARISING how to operate with Binary Options in the online Stock Exchange market. Before thinking that this is not for you, I assure you that even a 12-year old boy may turn into a professional Stock Exchange Broker.

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As explained in the video, the Binary Option operation is based on CHOOSING what will happen with the price of an ASSET (rise or decrease) within the next 60 seconds after having made your selection. In the stock exchange, the price of assets are CONSTANTLY increasing or decreasing. Therefore, you will ONLY have to decide between 2 options. RISE o DECREASE. If after 60 seconds YOU succeed, you will immediately MAKE 80%.
For example: If you think that the price of PETROL WILL RISE within the next 60 seconds and after that time it RISES ... you will MAKE 80%.
How do you KNOW if an asset will RISE or DECREASE within 60 seconds?
Using Brokers platforms, it is possible to visualize real-time charts showing the evolution of Asset prices. We have already seen the classic Stock CHARTS. From Brokers online platforms, together with each ASSET you will be able to observe what has happened with its price within the LAST 5 minutes. PLEASE read this explanation very CAREFULLY as it is the BASE of the method I will reveal to make you make money online.
These 3 CHARTS represent what has happened with the price of an asset within the last 5 minutes.

The price is going up; therefore, we will invest for the RISE.

Neutral Trend
The price is neutral and confusing.

The price is going down; therefore, we will invest for the DECREASE.
Step 1:
Recognize TRENDS. Once you have entered the online platform, you will be able to navigate and browse ALL market assets, together with their graphs for the last 5 minutes. Make sure that you are watching the last 5 minutes. All brokers let you see the evolution of Asset price within the last 5 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, days, etc. YOU just have to make sure that you are watching the last 5 minutes.
Step 2:
You must find ASSETS showing a CLEAR trend, whether UPWARD or DOWNWARD. You do not have to be an expert in order to interpret trends. See the 3 charts above and you will understand how trends work. There are thousands of ASSETS. Simply navigate inside the platform and when you find an Asset with a clear UPWARD or DOWNWARD trend, perform the operation immediately. It should NOT happen, but if you have doubts of the trend, simply do NOT operate that asset and look for another asset which is easier to interpret.
Step 3:
Once you have found a clear UPWARD or DOWNWARD trend, make your investment of ONLY 1€. Thus, if the Asset shows an UPWARD trend, invest 1€ that this asset will RISE within the next 60 seconds. The same applies to DOWNWARD trends, you will invest 1€ that the asset will DECREASE. Regardless of whether an asset has an UPWARD or DOWNWARD trend, you WILL BE ABLE to invest in both cases.
What do I do if I lose?
This is the case if you invest UPWARD, and the trend eventually goes DOWNWARD after 60 seconds. While you will be based on your investments based on trends, it is possible that you do not get the result expected in only 60 seconds. In this case, you must REPEAT THE SAME investment on that asset, but in this case you must DUPLICATE the investment to 2€. If after the next 60 seconds you fail again, REPEAT the same operation DUPLICATING the prior investment, i.e., 4€. In turn, you must DUPLICATE the amount whenever you lose, UNTIL you make money. The purpose of this method is to RECOVER what you have lost in the prior operation and earn profits.
What do I do if I make money?
Simply REINVEST 1€ like you did in the beginning. If you keep that behavior, it is very difficult to lose. Every time you make money, VERIFY the charts of the last 5 minutes again and if the trend continues, REINVEST 1€. If the trend IS NO LONGER the same, choose another asset. And remember, every time you lose, REPEAT the SAME operation, but DUPLICATING the prior amount. For example: 1€, 2€, 4€, 8€, 16€, etc.
Chart trends indicate what should happen within the following minutes. If within the last 5 minutes the price of an Asset is increasing, the same should happen within the following minutes. If you have DUPLICATED it 7 times and you still cannot make money, look for another Asset. This METHOD offers an effectiveness of around 70%; therefore, it is important to take into consideration that it will not work in 30% of the cases. Simply look for another Asset if you duplicated it 7 times.
- LIVE Demonstration VIDEO -
This VIDEO shows how to operate in a platform by recognizing Asset trends. PLEASE take into consideration that the video shows minimum investments of 100€, but remember that in YOUR CASE, you will do it with just 1€. The reason why this video shows investments in higher amounts is that they are NOT applying the strategy of DUPLICATING the initial investment in case of failure. Thus, the minimum amount to be invested is higher. Please, do NOT invest more than 1€ per operation or the minimum amount allowed by the broker. Remember that you will need a margin to duplicate in case of losing.
In order to generate Binary Operations, you must open a FREE account with an Online Broker. Brokers offer platforms for online operation which are VERY easy and intuitive. In just 5 minutes, you will learn how to operate assets and will start to earn money. As I mentioned before, operating Binary Options is very enjoyable. After finishing with this web site reading, we will recommend you the most trusted Brokers of the market. If you know any other Broker, you will also benefit from the METHOD to earn money.
[x] The main reason why this method is not successful to some people owes to poor performance. It is VERY important to make small investments of 1€ and do not be led by ambition. Many people get results quickly immediately and try to break the rule and end up investing higher amounts of money, which eventually goes against them if they lose and have to duplicate their investment. If you make 1€ investments, you will not become a millionaire, but if you operate 60 minutes a day, I assure you that you will earn 100€ approximately to generate a very good extra income of 3.000€ a month. The profit numbers I give are approximate, but they are around those amounts. Do not feel disappointed if you start making 20€ or 30€ a day. Keep practicing and you will reach your objective.

[x] You should know that there are slumps, bad luck, etc. If you face one of those days, SUSPEND operating and try the next day. DO NOT go crazy. This "bad luck" situation may arise 3 to 5 times a month. If you make a good interpretation of assets, the method involving chart reading from the last 5 minutes is highly effective.

[x] Is it possible to make more money a month? Yes, it is possible. Once you earn your first 2.000€, instead of making minimum bets of 1€, take the minimum to 2€. When you go over 3.000€ take the minimum to 3€ and so on. The problem in this case is that many people use their profits for personal expenses, which is totally reasonable, as it is your reward for being such a successful broker.

[x] It is totally possible to become a professional Broker in short time and even live out of it. I always suggest my readers being very cautious if they decide to give up their jobs and do this full time. Before making such an important decision, be sure to have spent at least 12 months with good results. While you can earn less money working in your current job, you must know that the value of the safety derived from having a job is priceless. Do not rush.
- Recommended Brokers for Binary Operations -
If you already have an account with another Broker, you do not have to create another account. The Brokers we select are "BKTrading" and "XXXX" as they are the most famous in the market and they have good and intuitive platforms, even for operating from smartphones and tablets. Most importantly, they are regulated by the European Union. Creating an account is FREE and takes less than 5 minutes. Every day I receive emails from readers claiming to be thrilled with "BKTrading" and others with "XXXX". We recognize that they are both different and they adapt to different profiles. You just have to discover which of them suits your needs.
Brokers details:
How much money should I deposit?
While we initially recommend investing minimum amounts of 1€ per operation, when you open an account with the Broker, you must make an initial deposit. Remember that the initial deposit is NOT related to what you will invest in each operation. For example: If you make an initial deposit of 50€, you may later invest 1€ per operation, i.e., you are NOT required to invest 50€ in a single operation. Many readers have asked us about the suggested INITIAL amount to be deposited with each Broker and that will depend on the economic possibilities of each investor. The more money you can deposit at the Broker's account, the safer your investment will be as you will be able to duplicate your investment more freely. Naturally, if you can deposit 200€, this amount will be more than enough to operate VERY safely. Anyway, not all investors are able to invest those amounts the first time. Brokers you have chosen may deposit the amount YOU want depending on the country you are living in as a result of international commerce regulations. In some countries, you can start with as little as 50€ and, in others, those amounts are higher. We recommend opening the account with the suggested Brokers and after registration, you will be able to know the possible MINIMUM amount depending on the country where YOU live (your place of residence). If you cannot risk much money, deposit the minimum amount allowed by the Broker. However, if YOU can really make an initial deposit between 200€, your investment will be safer. Despite the amount of your initial deposit, your confidence on the operations you make is important.
« Important Updated Information »
While this article suggests making minimum amounts of only 1€ per operation, bear in mind that if you wish to make more money quicker and effectively, you may invest HIGHER amounts per operation, For example: 10€ or 30€. In summary, if you invest 10€ in a single operation and lose, double the amount to 20€ in the second operation and so on following the logic of our strategy. If you invest a minimum amount per operation of 30€ and lose, duplicate the amount to 60€ in your second operation. When you make minimum operations for these higher amounts, every time YOU make money, the balance will notably increase in comparison to your investment of only 1€. PLEASE follow this suggestion ONLY if you can invest these amounts of money in order to win more money during the day. Otherwise, invest only minimum amounts in each operation.

Some readers have informed us that depending on the day of the week, they can have access to operations elapsing every 60 seconds or 5 minutes. You must understand that in this article we talk about 60-second operations; however, this is NOT a fundamental condition. You can operate with assets elapsing in 60 seconds, 5 minutes or longer. You must understand the logic behind duplicating your initial investment every "x" time frame. If brokers enable you to do it every 5 minutes, and NOT every 60 seconds, it does NOT affect the strategy explained in this article. The only difference is that instead of waiting for 60 seconds, you will have to wait for 4 minutes more (5 minutes in total).

Finally, we suggest that you use the support provided by Brokers. When you register with a Broker, you will be assigned an "Accounts Executive" to assist you whenever you need help. Selected Brokers in this portal have an EXCELLENT support system which you may use through CHAT, e-mail, telephone with toll free lines or you can also request to be reached by telephone. Enjoy this FREE support service and make any inquiries you need to your Account Executive assigned.
« Recent Comments » Latest Update:
Sean: Hi. I have been operating for 2 months now and I collect my profits through a bank transfer made to a friend's account. Can you recommend any alternative to collect my profits myself? Can I do it with Western Union? I do not have a bank account.

Administrator: Hello Sean. Certainly, you can request to be paid through Western Union, all brokers offer that service. Another option is to use or create a PayPal account and be paid there. Regards.
John: Dear Sirs. In general, I have been making good income operating binary options, but I do not understand why Fridays are the least effective days. While I generally earn money, on Fridays I need more time to generate the same amount.

Administrator: John. This situation occurs to most brokers. This mainly owes to the fact that markets are more volatile than the other days. As you say, the method works, but it takes longer to generate it. Take advantage from it and get some rest :)
Michael: Good morning. Can I do the same operation of an asset from the 2 platforms? I operate with both platforms, as one works best from my smartphone and the other works best with my PC.

Administrator: Michael. Most operators use at least 2 or 3 brokers simultaneously. What I DO not recommend is to do 2 CLONED operations simultaneously, i.e., operate the same asset. If you do this, you will be losing control, and therefore, your performance. Good luck!
Andy: Hi. I am getting good results, particularly when I operate assets such as the price of gold, petrol, and so on. Is that possible? Are there assets that perform better than others?

Administrator: Hello Andy! No evidence has been found that proves that an asset in particular is more effective at the time of operation. If you are still on the roll, write again and we will follow you! :)
Richard: Hello Andrew. I attended a talk you gave at the University of Madrid last May. I would like to thank you for having given us that opportunity and we would love to listen to you again in person.

Administrator: Richard, how are you? It was a pleasure giving that talk in Madrid. I will probably be there again in 2015.
Janet: Hello! I sincerely thought that women could not be a part of the world of stock exchange. I am deeply thankful for having introduced me to binary options. Having replaced Candy Crush for this was the best choice I made in my life!!!! Next week, I will reach my 3000€ level and I will start with 3€ minimum. I will be thankful for a lifetime.

Administrator: Janet. Do not feel lonely in this world. While there are more men than women in the stock exchange, this new binary option market is almost as popular among men and women. I wish you much more successful operations!
Damien: Hello Andy. Nice to meet you. First of all, thank you for your help. I would like to ask you if it is normal that in the first 3 days I have been working with binary options, I cannot earn more than 60€ a day. I apologize for my anxiety, but I would like to know if I am on the right track.

Administrator: Damien. You go very well! What you describe is normal. Keep practicing and you will surpass the daily amount. Go for it! :)
Jordi: Hi! This is awesome! I opened an account a few days ago and I am making good money. The account is under my dad's name because I am under age, but I want to collect the money I generated myself and not to my dad's bank account. How can I do it? I have made 1780€ so far. What can I do? I do not have a bank account.

Administrator: Jordi. In your case, you should be paid through PayPal. Many Operators like you do not have a bank account and are paid through PayPal and then use those funds to buy products online. Remember that nowadays everyone sells with PayPal. Opening an account is free and takes you a few minutes. Go to and have a look! Then tell your broker to send the money to PayPal and that's it! You have your money to spend. If one day you want to withdraw the money you have in PayPal, get a bank account of a friend or relative and ask PayPal to send the money to that bank.
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